2016's E-Commerce stance in the Middle East

E-commerce across the globe is rising every minute by converting into huge sales goals and successful conversions. In the case of the Middle East, there are still many areas in terms of e-commerce that have not been tapped and some being used in a wrong manner (the know-how is not there with executives performing these tasks). Dubai and Abu Dhabi being known as highly touristic destination in the Middle East have started using various modules and platform to carry out e-commerce because of the growing population and infrastructure. Leading by example, Qatar has not yet started testing the rough waters.

Various companies in Doha, Qatar are relying on social platform to carry out online sales which is good but at times very difficult for a normal internet user to get hold of the best deals. E-commerce is a very broad concept that includes cross filtering products and sales through Google AdWords, Affiliate Marketing, Branding as well as technical aspects. We have been working for the past 9 months on various products in terms of e-commerce that we plan to launch soon for the millions of users out there. No doubt, there are famous companies like among many others, we are going to unveil something more creative and simple to use and understand. There will be a lot of investment required at the start but as soon as the whole concept gains momentum, e-commerce will be thriving and driving to all device users across Doha. It is not long before Qatar is on the e-commerce map of the world.

We here at Four and One are developing and launching numerous e-commerce solutions from time to time to private clients, but now we plan to taking it up to another level since we have made tech based new year resolutions. Apart from E-commerce solutions, we also specialize in Branding and Identity, Marketing in Doha, Advertising in Doha Qatar and Event Management. Qatar is very well preparing for the World Cup 2022 and e-commerce will just be another added point that will boost up the whole digital identity to the world. If you are looking out for e-commerce solutions for your business, there is always Four and One. Have a look at our services and drop us an e-mail.

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