2016's SEO stance and impact across the Middle East

Here at Four and One, we breathe ideas and trends that we can create for the world on the commercial as well as social angle. Any trend today needs the online web world to stay alive unless you are selling purified bottled water that does not need as much as online marketing compared to some other product. In 2015, we saw the Mobilegeddon update which highly penalized websites lagging behind in the mobile compatibility area, tweaks in the way rankings are made and a new improved ranking strategy. 2016 is a year where we are going to set trends being one of the most reputed business agency in Doha, Qatar dealing in world-class event management, branding and identity, marketing and digital production among many others like e-commerce and web based solutions for end-users.

1. Video Content overtakes Written Content

There were times where website owners used to search for ways to get ranked on the first page of Google and even till today there are specialists who can do that who are technically known as Search Engine Optimization Specialists. A SEO specialist has to think far more than any normal engineer on how to work with Google making it understand as if that both the parties are in a relationship and very soon this whole process is going to go video-SEO based where in there will be Annotation SEO, Clip-Plug SEO among many others. We are working on solutions that can transform not only Doha, Qatar on the Video to Written front in terms of SEO solutions but the whole Middle East. There are numerous companies out there also trying to make a difference but although it may seem easy, it is one of the most difficult task. A Search Engine Optimization specialist is the product of a Web Architect, Web Developer and an Interface Designer. We at Four and One, hire professionals who think about innovation and making a technologically advanced ecosystem for the future. Among some already famous video platforms online like YouTube, Snapchat, Vimeo and Instagram there is a lot more in store for Doha as well as across the Middle East.

2. Mobile-Optimization is more important than Desktop Optimization.

Being one of the top marketing agencies in Doha, we always believe that the look and feel of every product has to be unique and impact-full otherwise there is no use of actually investing in development and marketing. When it comes to Search Engine Optimization, the age of desktop friendly interface has actually diminished and followed robustly with mobile interfaces. When we are talking about mobile optimization, we look at developing the integration of advertisements and censor level to a whole new different scene making it more imperative for the web as well as highly user-friendly. There are times when you visit the Google Play Store, download the app you want and are not satisfied at all either because of the looks and or various technical aspects. We do not want that to happen anymore in Doha Qatar and hence we have launched our new department of Mobile App Development in Doha Qatar across top platforms like Android, iOS and Windows.We are working on advanced CRM applications as well as social based applications for some highly reputed clients.

3. Thinking about Search Queries has changed drastically.

The whole aspect of search and web has changed completely since 2014 and technically growing. The web is becoming more intelligent and smart to understand what exactly we need making it really difficult to reach the maximum level we desire. Companies often seek for help from us to rank them on the top pages of Google which is definitely a wise thing to do apart from Social Media Marketing. SEO Services in Doha Qatar are very difficult to find and when we are here offering your company the best, there is no where to go. Search Queries over time since the Penguin update have had a strong change limiting as well as allowing many results to show up on Google, Bing and many other search engines.

4. Social Content is more readily Indexed.

Gone are the days when we used to find it difficult to get a juicy back-link from Google, Google+ or even Facebook. Search engines are giving high priority to various social media websites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram to relay back-links and direct-links. You must be wondering where is all that link-juice going but, it is all explained theoretically. Indexing in one of the most important thing when it comes to SEO. It is known as one of the most tedious task of any web developer because he/she has to run through so many links and bookmarks to make the best match click. It is a whole mind game and there are many agencies in Doha, Qatar apart from us who provide good indexing options.

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