2016 is a very predictable year now that we have completed almost half a month in January 2016. We have a lot of ideas in mind that we will be implementing in Doha Qatar to change the social media trends once and for all. There will be a lot of e-commerce that will come into the market with various solutions that make the whole process of shopping online much easier and worthwhile.

Virtual Reality is going to hit a total different level by March 2016 as Facebook will be setting it out into the market to test and use. This is increase the new ways of interacting and sharing content across the globe. From normal images, you will be able to share 360 degree video that could either be experiences, moments and adventures. The Oculus will surely be an expensive gadget but will soon have more companies working on the same technology making it affordable for the consumer market. Imagine the time when textual content will outdate and video content will throb the whole digital market. We here at Four and One, are developing platforms that will be piloted out into the market to see changes and create new social media trends this year. Our Research and Development Team is working round the clock to implement this within no time.

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Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and Pinterest have all unveiled in-line buy buttons that allows users to purchase clothes, gadgets directly and instantly. Shopping has gotten very easy and here at Four and One we are working on projects that will change the face of shopping online for good. We have couple of products lined up that will be revealed soon. Integration of advanced technologies like MongoDB, Foundation.io among many others will be seen in various products that will be a standard mark for many other companies to follow in Doha, Qatar. With all our products and technologies, we will be directly competing with China and India in terms of e-commerce and implementation solutions by mid-2016.

Apart from hard gadget oriented trends, we have launched Digital Chef (Qatar's most visited Restaurant and Food Review Blog) which is targeted to one and all searching for awesome food experiences in Doha at different restaurants. Digital Chef has already set standards for being one of the most unique restaurant review platform having in-depth as well as highly genuine food experiences. In the same regard, we are offering jobs to food bloggers and enthusiasts across the country which is beneficial to stabilize the economy as well as grow more sense towards creativity. Having various seasoned professionals at Four and One, we are constantly innovating as well as learning to adapt the growing market the way we want to.

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