2017 Event Trends That Will Grant Your Events An Edge Next Year

2017 Event Trends That Will Grant Your Events An Edge Next Year- Four and OneApps are redefining how people interact with technology. The events industry has not been left behind and there are numerous apps for different tasks related to events planning. Many event planners in Qatar are already using apps like Meetup to organize events.  There are event apps for budgeting, presentations, time allocation and marketing the events.  More and more apps are being developed with to make events management a smooth process from inception to event feedback.  What are the trends being seen in 2017 with event apps?


Niche events are a big thing in 2017. More people are feeling that big events do not meet their specific needs, or that they feel lost or passed over. Niche events allow a small number of participants with the same interests to hold more interactive events. Apps to personalize participant interests have come that for example, can allow an attendee to choose what stalls to visit, what speakers to listen to, where to sit and so on.

Matchmaking and networking

Events are very good for networking. However, many participants miss making the right connections as they do not meet appropriate matches. With smarter AI, apps have come up to bring together people with same interests. These apps are able to analyze the stalls where the attendant visits, interests browsed on the net and other data to suggest the right match.

Social sharing

People will want to share their event experiences on social media. Unlike the past where the sharing had to be done manually by posting, apps are more integrated with different social media channels to allow for seamless sharing. This is extending the reach of live events. A video taken on is able to stream live on Snapchat. Event managers will be leveraging this kind of apps to drive more virtual attendees to the event.

Active participation

Event planners are using apps to improve participation in events. Apps like Crowdmic allow participants to use their smartphones as microphones making it easier for faster contributions to topics on agenda. Other apps will allow attendees to suggest new locations for events.


Location-based apps make it easier for like-minded people in the same location to come together faster. A good example is Meetup.  Event planners wondering ‘why do we need events in Doha?’ can do a cursory search on the app to see if the events they plan have interested potential participants.

While Meetup does not allow an interested person to interrogate the event’s agenda deeply, it is a good platform for organizing an event fast and affordably. Apps like these will feature strongly 2017 going forward.