5 of the Next Gen Online Services that will Change Qatar by 2022

The FIFA Football World Cup is coming to Qatar in 2022 and with it huge opportunities for local as well as global brands. In the middle of all this will be event marketers and planners that are tasked with promoting these brands and ensuring that businesses profit from the huge interest and attendance of the World Cup.

There are huge projects that are ongoing as Qatar gets ready for 2022, but there is still more that needs to be done to ensure that the event runs smoothly.  Innovative solutions are clearly needed to pull off this massive event. What are some of these next-gen online services that are expected to get Qatar ready for 2022?

5 of the Next Gen Online Services that will Change Qatar by 2022

There will be numerous applications running in different industries involved in the World Cup. Hospitality players have to get ready to book, manage payments, and so on. Other service businesses will also see huge influxes that will put which demands on existing software solutions. Implementing Software as a Service eliminates constraints in time and costs that are associated with buying or developing new software in the face of spiking demand.

Online Ticketing

Although it has been successfully testing in the previous World Cup, it is expected that the online ticketing systems for the 2022 World Cup will see tickets being sold on more platforms including smart Apps, QR codes and Near Field Technologies.

Automation Systems

Crowd control is an essential task in any massive event. In the past sports events, crowd-control and other tasks like security are partly automatic, relying on people on the ground, and remote control systems. The automation systems for 2022 are scaling up the automation with more control going to cloud-based centers where functions like gate management, communication, and other tasks are fully automatic.

Maintenance as a Service

Qtofacility is an on-demand maintenance service for Internet of Things (IoT) where devices can be fixed remotely through online diagnostics. QtoFacility will also fix items on site. This versatility is needed for business that will see higher demands placed on their infrastructure and devices like cooling and entertainment systems.

Online Interactive Mapping

The World Cup is expected to bring in millions of people. QCityGuide is an online interactive mapping service that helps people find places and businesses in Qatar. This service is expected to ease significant pressure on the authorities for human and vehicular traffic, as well as improve flows to places of interest in Qatar.