5 Simple Ways to Create a Huge Marketing Splash

5 Simple Ways to Create a Huge Marketing Splash

Any of the online marketing agencies in Qatar will tell you that it takes good deployment and coordination of energy, time and money to make an impressive marketing splash. Sometimes marketers will obsess about one track issues like ranking keywords instead of looking at how to make several fronts work together for more marketing impact.

What are some of the tried tactics you can use to make an impressive marketing splash?

Content Marketing

Good, informative and relevant content is very useful in creating a buzz about a product. A mix of video, infographics and educational articles can be used to create interest about a product awaiting launch. The good thing about content marketing is that it is self-replicating when content goes viral.

Create a Loyal Following

Apple has its hardcore ‘fanbase’ who are loyal to Apple customers to a fault. This is because Apple takes time to create a following about its products.

The iPhone X will be retailing for close to a thousand dollars. However, Apple has created a following that believes having an iPhone to mark 10 years of this device is a great idea.

Create your own Buzz

One of the most memorable examples of guerrilla marketing was the launch of Salesforce in 2000. No one had heard of the company, and the idea of Software as a Service was alien.

The launch was marked by all sorts of surprising games like Whack-a-mole and Salesforce staff in costumes.

They then made a short memorable slogan ‘No Software’ This solidly put Salesforce in front of many people’s faces and they were impressed by what was proposed by the new company.

Influencer Marketing

Social media has given rise to personalities who have big following like celebrities with millions of followers.Getting an influencer to mention or better, endorse a brand or product is a sure way to create instant huge interest.

Influencers do not have to be celebrities. They include people with an authoritative opinion like respected academic figures, business magnates, and even popular students at the college or high school.

Free Giveaways

Few people will fail to notice the word ‘Free’ in any language. Free stuff works great for almost all verticals of marketing.

People will gladly fill out a poll or submit an email to get free stuff.  Whatever information they give can then be used in ramping up a marketing campaign with more targeted offers.

This concept has been well utilized by giving customers free trial versions which make it easier for customers to transit into paid versions.