5 Social Media Trends taking over 2016

2015 was truly an exciting year for all social media marketing specialists as well as learners. A host of changes and opportunities were brought in by new platforms, consumer and software preferences. Social media strategies have evolved over the years making it very prominent and sustainable. Considering the quick changes in social media trends over the years would say that all specialists should keep an eye out on various trends and strategies.

Engagement in Real Real-Time

Social media is living on engagement in real-time where each and every year the response window becomes smaller and smaller. According to our Four and One Social Media Specialists in Doha Qatar, 69% of Twitter users expect a response from brands they interact with, and 51% require a response in less than an hour. The whole number jumps to 70% when they are issuing a complaint against something.

In 2014, consumers had complained about brands 779 million times on various social media. What happened in 2015 was that brands were not responding to 7 out of 8 messages in 24 hours which meant that many questions and queries are going unanswered.

We feel that all key marketers should implement faster response times in order to make the brand more accessible and trusted online. Facebook had integrated the "replies time" on pages sometime in late 2015 to help users know how quickly their questions would be answered.

Live Streaming Video

Consumers across the globe want to access data faster and all you can do is make it more faster for them. There are various tools and integration's that you could follow and use to plan all this. There might be some tools that would not cater to your advanced needs, so do not feel shy to get in touch with us for a customized software that we could build for you at a seemingly affordable rate. Apart from being the top event planners in Doha Qatar, we also specialize in digital media services and e-commerce solutions for small as well as large business models. Video has caught on stupendously fast making it the most liked medium of interaction. All video content marketers have a bright future ahead of 2016 considering the fact that video is going to rule the web world up to 77% as per Four and One - Research Team.


  • Twitter owned
  • Available for Android and iOS
  • Over 1.9 million active users on a daily basis
  • 36 years of live video is engaged on a daily basis
  • Supported in over 22 languages


  • Available for Android and iOS
  • 1.8 million active registered users
  • Over 110,000 videos streamed
  • Supported in 1 language

As of now, the entire video service has not taken over the internet but there is very less time for that to happen so you will have to pull up your socks and get your brand/business online with video content that is engaging. We here at Four and One, are happy to help....

Social Commerce

We believe that the most engaged visitors on your social media profiles are mostly the ones who contribute to sales and revenue generation. Moving your social presence up a notch by activating social commerce methods through advertisements and pinned generation is considered the best practice of 2016. There will be a lot more to see on the social arena on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Vimeo this year so what are you waiting for ??

Leading with an example, in 2015:

  • 370 Ads for immersive experiences were introduced by Facebook.
  • 360 Ads for more impactful visuals was implemented by YouTube.
  • Action-oriented ad format was rolled out by Instagram.
  • Buyable Pins was made limited by Pinterest.
  • Buy button was continued to being tested by Twitter.

You will want to explore numerous ways in which you will be able integrate some features into your content strategies over a period of time. If you would like some inspiration, we would advise you to have a look at our product Digital Chef which has turned out to be Qatar's most visited restaurant and food review blog.


In order to get the best and huge amount of traffic, the only thing you need is traffic because "content is still the king and queen" of the whole search engine world. You will be able to drive as much as traffic as you need in order to generate money from various monetizing websites only through "content". If you create unique and fresh content, you are sure to reach the top of the web food web. At Four and One, we follow all white hat SEO methods that rank you on the top of Google organically which will in turn increase the Domain Authority and Alexa Rank.

Although video content will soon rule over the web world by the end of 2016, there are many things that our top SEO Specialists in Doha Qatar will have to do in order to make it more beneficial and revenue generation. Mobile apps on the other hand is another sector to look into if you want to sustain in 2017 online. We offer the best and world-class quality driven Mobile App Development in Qatar which includes Blackberry, iPhone, iPad, Android and Windows.

Mobile First

As a business, if you are nothing thinking about going mobile, then you are far behind and will soon be dropped out of the entire social media presence. As of February 2016, 86% of all internet users own a smartphone. An approximate figure of 2.2 billion worldwide are expected to own a smartphone by 2017. Devices like smart TVs and smartwatches were very popular in 2015 and we will see more of growth in 2016 which will be followed by major advancements in 2017. Mobile devices such as smartphones, tablets and smartwatches should be your main focus if you are an online marketer.

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