5 Things You are Doing Wrong on Social Media

5 Things You are Doing Wrong on Social Media - Four and One

Marketers have found very good tools in social media. Social media marketing is easy to set up, has the potential to reach millions and is relatively affordable.  However, many marketers have failed to realize the full potential of social media. Many are stuck at opening an account and posting content now and then which can be considered doing the bare minimum. There are some few mistakes that are common in marketers and I would say those are the "5 Things You are Doing Wrong on Social Media".

Erratic posting

In the fast-moving world of social media, remaining on the radar of your followers is crucial. This means consistent posting of read-worthy content. Social media experts agree that a business with a following larger than 10,000 should try to post at least daily while those trying to reach this number should post at least twice a day.

Posting can be automated using artificial intelligence applications like IFTTT. This way, your followers can grow to expect content consistently meaning they will keep checking out what is on offer.

Lack of follower interaction

Your followers want to feel that they are connected to you and that their communication is getting through. Followers are your most important metric. Better interaction brings on added benefits of gaining insights into their behavior, concerns and interests.  You can initiate the interaction by social messaging. Social media bots are created to automate social messaging. This can be to alert your followers that there are new content and other alerts on products and services.

Low-quality content

Your social media followers are already spoilt for choice in the content available on their feeds. Your content needs to stand out.   If there are no resources to generate quality content, this can be outsourced to an agency that has better resources. The alternative is to leverage data analytics and AI tools to gather what you need for better content. After all, even Zuckerberg created Jarvis AI to help him out.

Bad targeting

Your audience consists of different segments. What may be appealing to 25-35-year-old single moms will not mean a lot to your 18-25 school going following.  Marketers fail to realize the power of targeting tools offered by social media platforms. Facebook, for example, allows for targeting by age, location, interests, gender and so on.

Failure to use hashtags

Hashtags enable you to participate in a trending topic.  Hashtags are effective in making your content visible to those participating in the topic.  Prudent use of hashtags can have very good results in making your brand visible. However, marketers also make the mistake of excessive hashtagging. This can put off followers who may think that you are posting just for the sake of doing it.