5 Trends that will define Data Driven Marketing in 2017

5 Trends that will define Data Driven Marketing in 2017

In the past decade or so, marketers have focused much on digital marketing methods and tools. This approach is increasingly being driven by data.  Marketers are relying on data to do more targeted marketing. Rather than lacking data to work with, marketers are inundated with data from multiple sources including mobile, web, and social media. Experts in marketing jobs in Qatar are closely following the trends in data-driven marketing.

Big Data in Marketing

The massive volumes of data mined from different sources provide very good insights into consumer behavior.  Marketers are increasingly using predictive analytics to deliver more personalized marketing messages through business websites, email marketing and mobile marketing.  Big data will continue being a big source of insight for marketers 2017 going forward.

However, big data is presenting challenges for marketers as it is generated at a very fast rate. At each customer contact point, data is generated. Other data is also generated by the different media of communication.

Analyzing big data presents a separate set of challenges additional challenges are required. This means businesses with small budgets cannot effectively utilize big data fully. The solution then has to be using data analytics software. This software will feature heavily in marketing departments going forward.

Content Marketing

Content is still King. A survey done by Smart Insights show that content marketing is still the leading digital marketing method preferred by marketers. New content marketing advised by big data has become the most affordable digital marketing method. This is because good content is ranked highly by search engines and improves the authority of the business’ website to the users.


This data-driven approach is will feature more personalization of marketing content so that the customer can see the next best content according to the data mined on  his behavior. This will help marketers know what content to deliver through what channel.

Market Automation

Digital marketing tools have enabled automation of email marketing, social media alerts and CRM. Digital marketing consultants are seeing more marketing departments asking how they can start on automating email marketing and how to amplify it once they put it in place.

Mobile Marketing

Web traffic data on the mobile overtook computer web traffic in 2016. Marketers are responding to this by making mobile friendly content.  Smartphone apps have also changed the way users interact with the web.   Marketing apps are coming up to deliver targeted marketing content depending on the user’s mobile use. As more people turn to the mobile for shopping, mobile marketing is a trend that will see strong growth going forward.