5 Twitter Marketing Secrets for ambitious Social Media Marketers

We want to share with you the five twitter marketing secrets for ambitious social media marketers.Twitter is regarded as the world's largest micro-blogging website and people across the globe are glued on to using this platform everyday. Twitter has the ability to spread awareness of a brand, in order to generate leads, drive site traffic and build customer base based on loyalty. You many have mastered all the techniques, trends and tags to be used but at the end of the day it all depends on how you put all this information to use. In fact, we being know among the top digital marketing companies in Doha Qatar always practice and improvise on trends and create badges that will be used by various users on Twitter making the whole fan-base engaged to all interactions.

Creation of Lead Generation Cards

There are various tools that can be used to carry out social media marketing to the full level in the case of Twitter. Any tool that decreases the steps to generate leads are the best. Our expert digital marketer in Doha - Nigel Quadros states that these are highly beneficial and can increase traffic and leads to a whole different level. Apart from tools, you will have to study the market on Twitter entirely analyzing tags and places to actually reach out to potential viewers and customers.

Discovering Leads in Chats

If you want to be on the top on Twitter, you got to work on some intricate things that will take some time to fall into effect. Work on Like Engagement, Follow Back Interactions and Introductions, Profile Tag Implementation, Cross Feed shares among many other things. If you are in a chat you should always remember how to be the chief as well as promote your product/brand in a very professional way in order to increase credibility and brand trust. Leading people to products through chats on Twitter is by far the most effective and beneficial on the long run and chats can be easily accessed rather the Twitter Tweet Feeds.

Use IFTTT to Post Instagram Pictures

We asked Fernando De Guama - expert event management professional in Doha Qatar about Instagram and Twitter image feed benefits. He states that Instagram images that are posted to Twitetr appear as links which decrease the engagement so it is better to use tools and post images directly that will be seen on your followers Twitter feed. Very less people are interested in opening the link on Twitter to check out the Instagram image. Four and One is known as one of the top social media marketing companies in Doha Qatar and we would be glad if you reach your dream of becoming a well known social media marketer.

Look at the Hashtags used

Keeping a track of tags that are used on a weekly basis is very good. There are many free and paid tools on the internet that you could use to do hashtag management and analysis. We have been using various tools over the years and we would officially recommend TagBoard as it is very easy to use for freshers and learn a lot while progressing to more complex analysis. Filer your News Feed on a weekly basis to different locations and countries to experience different trends and Twitter posting styles.

Relevant Profiles to be tagged in Images

One of the most irritating that is happening on Twitter for ages now is false promotion and misdirection. There are times when people see some irrelevant tweets in the form of advertisements in the Twitter Feed which is not worth re-tweeting or favoring. Tweets should be strictly followed and used accordingly. For example, people write something about health and attach an image that has explicit content which is hilarious and very damaging for millions of users on Twitter.