5 ways to make Event Management your Cup of Tea in Doha

Doha is the place to watch for a fast growing high powered business event management in the MENA region. Event managers in Doha have to up their game to meet the demands of top flight business people that frequent the Qatar capital. Event management is all about knowing your clients and most importantly the objective. It does not have to be overly complicated and you can get it right by observing some basic tips.

Evaluating events usually happens after the event. It is when people think about the time they spent, the people they met and the lessons they learned. We must have objectives set to meet all of these pillars for every event. Small events are as important as big ones and once you have agreed with the client on the objective, you are half through a successful event.

A successful event is a result of everyone doing their bit for a successful whole. Vendors, out-sourcers and contractors must be carefully vetted for performance delivery. The best way to do this is by continuous assessment of services available and organization of a database of suitable service providers.  Your staff has to be well skilled and understanding of needs of your kind of clientele.


The smallest of details can drastically change an event’s outcome. May be there will be a traffic redirection which will necessitate your guests to take a detour and make arrivals late. Or maybe the city authorities have issued new regulations on the use of fireworks meaning your fireworks display is altered. These small details should be always tracked and adjustments continually made and communicated to event attendants.


To become one of the best event planners in Doha, learn to make your estimates right. The number of event participants will determine the size of your venue, food and drinks. Wrong estimates can make attendants feel cheated if they are not adequately catered to, or leave you with an unnecessary bill. Do a research on similar events and see how big they were. Look at your expected participants and their response to the kind of event you are planning for.


It is surprising how many event planners do invitations and leave everything else undone until the last week before the event. This results in rushed planning which leads to missed details, contracting unqualified service providers and budget overruns. Any successful event usually needs at least a month of planning with the final week left to make any adjustments.


Event licensing and management is regulated by civil authorities. Ensure you are on the right side of the authorities by informing them of the event. Be on the right side of your participants by understanding their cultural backgrounds and any other details that will need change in etiquette.

You can make events planning your cup of coffee by observing the above tips and drawing on your experiences with each event you successfully plan.