5 Ways Marketers Can Jumpstart Digital Transformation in Doha in 2018

5 Ways Marketers Can Jumpstart Digital Transformation in Doha in 2018Many marketers have been stuck in a time warp doing the same things in digital marketing and expecting different results. The digital transformation of the last few years focused on deploying social media tools in marketing.

However, things have moved on and other factors like big data are having an increasing influence on the way things are done. How can marketers jump start their digital transformation in 2018?

Taking ownership

What does digital transformation mean for your business? Each business has unique needs and can use digital tools in different ways for better marketing results. However, basics for digital transformation must first be laid down properly or reviewed.

Building a cost-effective website is a start in jump starting your digital marketing efforts.  A dynamic website improves your customers’ experience and creates a better contact point from which a marketer can harvest good data on the customer.

Continuous learning

Many marketers shy away from taking bolder steps held back by the fear of making mistakes.  However, this is wrong as learning from mistakes is the better way of growing experience and perfecting gradually.  There is a learning curve for everything and digital transformation is also a course to go through.

Bottom up approach

A bottom-up approach means that a marketer shows the success to those who make immediate decisions on the operational level before proceeding to showcase the success to the top management.

For example, if a certain type of content has shown decreased bounce rate, it is easier for a marketer to keep the departmental head updated on this progress to win him over before progressing to make a petition for more funds for content marketing to the finance manager.

Correct tech choices

Digital transformation can only work and be successful if the correct tools are deployed.  For example, mobile marketing can reach a wider audience in a very short time. However, if a marketer is looking to target a specific audience with specific keywords, content marketing dispersed over social media would be more appropriate.


When you can outsource, it is more cost-effective and sensible to do so. For example, it takes time to produce quality content worth reading. A marketer stands a better chance of having better content by outsourcing content generation to an agency that has the manpower and tools to put together carefully researched content.

Lastly always thank the people who make an effort to make the digital transformation a success. A highly motivated team is more likely to keep looking for ways to get more done as the digital landscape evolves.