5 Ways Small Businesses in Doha Can Grow in 2017

5 Ways Small Businesses in Doha Can Grow in 2017

Today’s customer wants instant results. This means that businesses have to adapt with an increase in use of business applications. This improves response time to customer needs, helps acquire crucial market data and improves the efficiency of business applications.  A business can only make this adaptation by having the correct tools. These tools have become must-have for any serious business that wants to improve its competitiveness, grow sales and keep the customers happy.

Dedicated Email System

Communication is an essential need for any business.  Both internal and external communications have to be fast, secure and understandable. The email is still the leading means of official communication for many organizations.  A dedicated email system offers many benefits to the business. Email can be integrated with other applications, for example, social media widgets for marketing purposes.  Email marketing is still a powerful tool as email is cheap to setup and has the potential of reaching thousands of customers.


Many people will opt to search for a product or service online before making up their mind. This means that a business without a website loses out as it is not visible to potential customers. A business needs a website to showcase its products or services. A website is also a medium of communication. Customers can make enquiries and complains on the site.  A professionally done website is a powerful digital marketing tool in Doha.

Accounting Software

A business’ aim is to make a profit. This cannot be adequately assessed if the business cannot keep track of revenue and expenditure. This calls for good bookkeeping which can be done by accounting software. This software helps in making timely and accurate financial estimations. It also helps give out the correct information to different stakeholders. This includes shareholders, the tax authorities and lenders.

Sales Funnel

Developing a sales funnel should be a priority for any business.  This is the process by which the business attracts potential customers up to the purchasing point. This requires different tools to generate awareness, increase interest, and prompt the customer to take action. These could be social media tools and other marketing tools.

Project Tools

A business stands to gain a lot by adopting good project management practices. This is because tasks can be well defined, with clear goals and objectives, and how to reach there. Project management tools make all this easy and efficient.

From digitization of end user applications in accounting to deploying digital tools in marketing, businesses cannot ignore the role of digital tools in maintaining competitiveness.