Why Apple is better than any other IT Innovator in the World

Apple has consistently topped the World’s most innovative award lists like Forbes and Boston Consulting Group for the better part of the 21st century. Tech industry experts say this is well-deserved recognition seeing that Apple gave the world revolutionary products like the iPod, iPhone, and the iPad, all of which breached new frontiers in the tech industry. Apple products are well featured in the offices of many business agencies in Doha. Their users will tell say they are the best products they ever used. So what makes the Apple brand so innovative and commanding?

Why Apple is better than any other IT Innovator in the World

Sharing an example that happened not a while ago at our office is that our iPad which we haven't been using for years was required for a digital project and to our surprise, none of us remember the passcode. What were we supposed to do now ?

We called up Apple support and requested them in many ways to create a remote reset so that we can use the device. They were so firm by their policies that they cannot do it up till we show the receipt from where we bought it that has the name of the owner. Sad part is we could not find the receipt so it remains locked till now !

We are bringing to light the "top class customer protection" of Apple here. Aren't they real good in protecting users data ?

Understanding the customer’s needs

When the iPod came out, most mp3 players at that time could only hold a few hundred songs. The iPod came with a massive storage that allowed for up to 1,000 songs. This was what many music lovers were looking for. Next, Apple introduced iTunes store, where iPod owners could download their songs direct from the PC. This is what iPod owners who had the PC were looking for.

Focus on the product, not the money

The iPhone X will retail close to a thousand dollars, but that does not dissuade millions of iPhone fans who will happily pay this price to get one. Apple products are beautiful and different. While PC makers were stuck on box-like towers, Apple introduced the Mac which had sleek curved features, came in beautiful colors and was more ergonomically.

Customer service orientation

Apple was the first tech brand to open service centers where customers could come and learn more about the products, test, buy and receive good instructions on how to use the product. This was quickly copied by other Apple competitors in Qatar, but few can match the brand loyalty that an Apple Store does.

Constant improvement

Few tech brands are as consistent as Apple in putting new products on the market. This has in turn grown a hardcore fan-base that will be ready to go with new products the brand puts on the market. The iPhone series is the best illustration of Apple’s consistency and innovation, with the trend of a new iPhone every year.

Quality products

In addition to great Apple Customer Service Doha offered by Apple, the brand rarely gives its customers a reason to walk into the service stores. This is because Apple offers solid products that rarely break down. It is rare to see a Mac Air that has crashed. This solid reputation for quality, powerful products has continued to imbue an image of innovativeness for Apple.