Apps are going to be used differently from 2016 to 2017

The App world is not going to last for long anymore ! Whooaaa....I think we're moving too fast.

The whole apps market across the globe came into being in late 2014 and since then there have been lot of improvements bad times for some. Companies who invested in mobile apps have reached to a extreme level while others are still trying to find a place. An app is nothing but a URL that is made into a browser. URL is also known as a Uniform Resource Locator. There are many web engineers across the globe who know to say 'URL" but do not know the full form which is surprising at times. Are you one of them ?

The recent app trends in design and user experience have changed and leading with example, communications apps like WhatsApp and Messenger on the iOS devices like iPhone and iPad are different allowing users to directly reply from the notification sliding a bit low from the entire notification. It must be like a small thing for you to see but the amount of work put in by developers is huge and considered as an investment. There are several more changes that have been integrated since 2014 that we're not noticed minutely. We are always busy working on new types of apps for clients in the Middle East. We are considered as the top mobile app development companies in Doha Qatar so we have to live up to all the expectations and demands of end users out there.

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