Ask Four and One : AdWords or Facebook Advertising

When people talk about Google AdWords, what they are referring to is a form of paid advertising or pay per click advertising that is hosted on Google. When people make searches on Google, your paid ad will appear along with the search results if the keywords you used match the searches. People then click on these paid ads to be redirected to your site where they learn more about what your business does and make purchases. As with Facebook advertising, this channel of online marketing is not only cost effective but easy to use.

  1. If you’re looking for superior targeting? Facebook
  2. If you’re looking for higher intent traffic? AdWords
  3. If your industry is small and you need a wider reach? Facebook
  4. If you want a greater variety of ad types? AdWords
  5. If you want to try retargeting? Facebook

Advantages of Google AdWords

Google is by far the most widely used search engine on the internet today so up to 80% of internet users are successfully reached by adwords. Since the placing of adverts is free, a company is able to save a huge chunk of its marketing budget. The use of keywords to activate adwords, makes it a timely advertisement channel because customers only get to see adverts related to what they search for. Suitable for use by both experienced as well as newbies, adwords have so many accompanying tutorials and are uploaded instantly.

Disadvantages of AdWords

While it is totally free to set up an adword, every click is charged to the company and this can be quite expensive if visitors do not make any significant purchases. If you intend to improve your business performance based on comparative analysis between your company and others, you will not find Google AdWords useful as this data is not provided. Google partners in Doha have been unable to use these ads to project company performance.

Facebook Advertising

Social media allows companies to promote their activities free of charge because sites like Facebook have no limit to the size of content that can be posted. Posts can be left active for a long time before the need to post new content arises. With live feed and interaction analysis it is possible to analyze how customers are responding to a business. According to Facebook advertising managers in Doha, the problem with advertising on Facebook is that there is no filter for negative comments so customers get to see what is being posted in real time.

Since the benefits of online advertising are accompanied by real setbacks for any specific type of method, it is important for business owners to carefully consider the outcome they wish to achieve from a certain promotion channel. There is definitely a lot of benefit in promoting a business online, the only challenge is in establishing which tools work best.