Ask Four and One : Getting ready for an Interview

Looking for a job is not easy as the best business consultants in Doha will attest to. After a possible long stretch of unemployment and sending out countless applications, there is finally a potential employer who considers you worthy of their time. Yes, you have landed an interview but that is not guarantee that you have the job. With technology, the avenues that different companies use to interview potential employees are quite diverse. Ask Four and One of the numbers of job candidates that turn up for job interviews unprepared every day and you will be shocked. Is it worth preparing for an interview? Yes, these are the mistakes to avoid.


You are not the only person being interviewed and even if you are, the interviewer definitely has some work they need to get back to. It is tempting to assume that the more you speak about yourself, the better your chances are. Well, this is true to some extent but it is wise to mark the words of the interviewer. If they tell you to describe yourself briefly, that is exactly what they want. Unless you are asked to share about your personal life, only share information regarding academics and professional life.

Giving rehearsed answers

It is important to prepare for a job interviews and part of it entails answering possible questions you might be asked. Even the best business agency in Doha will tell you that over-practicing is a recipe for failure. Did you know that when you have gone over something so many times, you reproduce it mechanically? Most interviewers lose credibility with a job candidate when they sense that the answers they are giving are not spontaneous. You could practice of your natural stint of presenting your responses so that your answers appear to flow even if rehearsed.

Avoiding eye contact, clicking a pen, showing disinterest…

Attending an interview is one thing but conducting yourself in a manner that shows your interest in being picked for the position is another thing altogether. While it is normal for some people to avoid direct eye contact or fidget with items in their hands, experts advise on making  deliberate effort not to engage in these tendencies.

Do as much research about the company that has invited you for an interview but do not lose sight of what an interview is supposed to achieve both for you and the interviewer.