Ask Four and One : How not to get fired from your event planning job ?

Event planners have the best job in the world; not only do they participate in putting together some awesome experiences for their clients but they get to be at the center of what they have created. There is no way of telling how an event is going to be and as an event planner you definitely need more than working on schedule. For event planners that are just starting out, this industry may appear like an ocean that is out to swallow you. You will encounter unsatisfied customers on numerous occasions, but that is part of the job. To survive through the fast paced nature of the job, an event planner must be ready to adjust to the demands of the job.


Event planning is a fast evolving industry that is greatly influenced by advancements in technology. An event planner that is aspiring to be in this line of business for a long time must be ready to get a thing or two from fellow industry player and works posted on the internet. There is definitely a difference between doing things the best way and doing them your way. Everything you know as an events planner has its place; not all events must incorporate every skill you have.


You never know when your skills in a certain area will come in handy. What this means is that even the best event planners in Doha cannot be in a position where they know too much. While it may seem lucrative to specialize in a certain type of event for whatever reason, people in general hold different events which they want planned differently. If you can pull off two totally different events successfully on the same day, you are bound to achieve more.


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Plan on Risk Management

There is so much work that goes into making an event successful than the attendee never get to know about. While every event planner considers their event as safe, accidents do happen and it is upon them to think of where they would most likely occur and how best to deal with them. Some of the event planning tips in Doha that go into minimizing risks for your attendees are age, weather and time of day.


You might be working as an employee or your own boss in the event planning business but one of the avenues you can make use of regardless of your level of influence is helping others. Helping is not only an opportunity to learn what others are doing to put together successful events but also an avenue to strengthen ties with vendors and clients. This truth has worked for many event management companies in Doha.