Ask Four and One: Tips for Play Store Marketing in Doha

Most people have access to Google and as search, app developers prefer Google app store for promoting their apps. Developing an app is just one aspect of making money from it but marketing the app is a whole different ball game. While marketing may come naturally to some people, it takes hard work and a significant level of commitment to promote a brand. To develop an app, there must have been a need that the developer thought about, and while it may be obvious to others with the same level of understanding, it definitely requires experience to launch it in the market. The following tips will help a mobile app development company that is keen on reaching out to the market;

Identifying USP

It is easy to penetrate a market where you are the only player, but for many people, competition is a tangible challenge. There are numerous app developer jobs in Doha and this is an indication of the software sales potential of the region. Even though two or more apps are identical, there must be one aspect that the business would like to capitalize on. Fast response, compatibility with all devices, complementary features and personal interaction are just some of the unique selling propositions that the best Android app developers would capitalize on.


Setting a price on an app can be tricky if its real potential has not been seen. The apps on Google store have different price tags on them depending on the complexity of an app, what it can do, the features it comprises of and how unique it is. The most successful pricing plan for apps is to put different prices on different levels of access to the features of the app. As people get to know more about how good an app is, more will subscribe to a higher version and even tell their friends to use the app.

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Link Strategy

Doha is a convergence point for the world, and you expect people visiting the region to be from different countries of the world. Some people, based on how developed internet services are in their countries are used to opening web pages on the click of a button. This is the same response speed app companies must strive to have for their creations. An app needs to respond fast otherwise, you will lose many clients due to boredom or just because they have no time to wait.

Marketing Strategy

Marketing is about reaching out to as many people as possible to increase possible sales. How about translating the app in different languages or homogenize the app to operate optimally on different devices? Considering the various nationalities that converge in Doha, these strategies are a sure way of capturing a large market segment.

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