Business Industry in Qatar

As an agency in Qatar serving local and global clients, we are always asked by clients on Marketing, Events, Digital and Branding Return on Investment “ROI”.

How to analyze the impact that a project can have on the business?

In case money is spent on branding how will it increase my revenue when people already knows me?

How can I guarantee return on attendance?

Qatar does not have a lot of available or open books resources or statistics that can provide ROI analysis. However, we came up with success matrix applied to different industries and we discovered some clear indications in some areas mentioned below.

For the Food and Beverage industry, it was easy as the evaluation was made strictly on promoted items where we saw a clear indication of increase in revenue during promotions. In addition we realized that Average per Check in Food and Beverage have increasedthrough increase of site orders request.

The retail sector did not react to direct marketing on Sales or Promotion activities.  We discovered that Retail industry is driven by word of mouth and social media that impacted directly their income and short term objectives. Business Industry in Qatar - Media Management - Branding and Identity - Four and One - 2015

The sports retail sector however is driven not only by direct marketing and the latest trends but also sponsorship activation where clients wanted to experience the new developments and ask questions while interacting with clients.

The electronics industry have mix of strategies between direct reaction to prices and offers while other long term marketing seemed to be more powerful through consistent application of branding strategy. The buyer wanted to feel secure in a fast changing world.

The automotive sector has direct reaction to advertising and promotions especially during seasons as Ramadan and summer. We observed a higher interaction and loyalty with brands when legacy strategy was applied after each industry event or launch.

Light and heavy industries in the region reacted to media buying directly and little is made from the industry to captivate more market share.

We have concluded that the most important revenue on investment opportunities are based on post activation strategy and specific targeted marketing strategy. In addition to creation of more online campaigns and integration of the normal marketing and advertising means with the latest social activation.