Work with Google AdWords and Snapchat to increase your Business Revenue

Work with Google AdWords and Snapchat to increase your Business Revenue

It is no doubt that Google’sAdwords advertising platform is the behemoth of internet advertising. Couple this with Snapchat, the fastest growing social media video sharing network, and you have a very powerful marketing platform. Marketers can use these two tools to increase business in Qatar by exploiting the huge data available on Google Adwords platform, and the pulling power of Snapchat’s visual content. How can these two tools be deployed effectively?

Keyword Research

As the biggest search engine, Google offers very useful insights into data about a product, trends and related information. Keywords are part of the building blocks of any successful marketing campaign. Good keywords revolve around what people are searching for on Google. By using Google Keyword planner, a marketer can find ranking keywords even in their long tail form.

Good keyword research will bring out the best keyword related to a brand and the most popular and trending content for that keyword.

Covering Live Events

Snapchat is very good in building hype leading up to an event. The company can show off the venue, staff rehearsals, stage setup and other activities in the preparations. During the event, snaps can be taken of various speeches, performances and so on. These short videos and photos can be shared on Snapchat as well as other networks. Longer videos can be uploaded on YouTube with links to the website for more detailed content.

Influencer Marketing

According to Snapchat advertising experts, influencer marketers can accelerate a brand’s social media following in a very short time. These are celebrities and other prominent personalities with following on social media. By using an influencer to make a snap and sharing it, a brand can create massive interest that grows more following as well as gives huge brand visibility.

Tell Short Stories

Loyal customers often want to know what goes on behind the making of a great product. Snapchat is great for showcasing different behind the scenes processes and the staff involved. This gives the brand and the product a human face that the customers can identify with, which improves brand loyalty.

Product Use

Text manuals have many shortcomings top among them being a large percentage of buyers cannot read the language of the manual. Demo videos are great for explaining how a product works. If customers are able to find that a product works great when used in a certain way, they will pass on the message.

Time-Limited Offers

Snapchat’s disappearing content is great for discounts and giveaways. An offer can be posted as a snap, and anyone who has a screenshot of the offer gets a discount.