Doha - the next frontier in Digital Media Marketing ?

Statistics show that digital media is going to reach 90% of Qatari population by 2017. This is the fastest growing digital market in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region. Growth of digital media presents big opportunities for digital marketing experts in Doha with a promise of good returns considering Qatar has one of the highest GDPs in the world.

Vital Statistics

According to data collected in 2015, the digital landscape in Qatar shows;

  • 85% of households have a broadband connection up from 80% in 2010
  • Households have an average of 2 computers, 3 mobile phones and 1 smartphone
  • 81% of internet usage is by households
  • Mobile penetration is 100% in the 15-24 yrs. bracket of which 98% are connected to the internet
  • 59% of internet users are looking for goods and services, 50% are downloading software, 35% are downloading games and 25% are doing online purchases
  • Qatari e-commerce estimates were at $1.25 billion in 2015 up from $0.7 in 2012
  • Mobile based e-commerce was estimates were $0.45 billion in 2015 up from $0.4 billion in 2012
  • The biggest social media networks for Qatari nationals are Whatsapp (97%), Instagram (65%), BBM (48%), Twitter (46%), Facebook (44%) and Snapchat (39%)

The overall use of the internet by Qataris is as follows;

  • watching movies, downloading, or music videos 69%
  • downloading and reading newspapers and magazines 59%
  • Searching for information on products and services 55%
  • Searching ,downloading and installing software 50%
  • Searching government organizations 45%
  • learning and education activities 37%
  • downloading and playing games 35%
  • peer-to-peer file sharing 32%
  • buying goods or services 25%
  • Online banking 24%
  • Searching health-related information 24%
  • Communicating with government departments 20%
  • Creating web content 16%

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Best Opportunities

The high penetration of mobile phones in Qatar particularly in the 15-24 yrs. bracket is a ripe market for the taking by mobile app development Doha experts. The fact that 98% of these phones are connected to the internet presents good opportunities for developing mobile apps which can download news and play games. Mobile games are another good opportunity for developers as they are popular with this age bracket. Entertainment applications seem to be generally popular with the whole population and this creates good opportunities for web content creation and monetization for digital marketers.

Good Returns

For developers looking to provide the best digital solutions in Doha, the market promises good returns. Consider the high value of e-commerce considering that Qatar’s population is fewer than 5 million people.  More reach of digital media in 2017 will create more lucrative opportunities.