How e-commerce will increase by 25% in 2017 – 2018 in Qatar

Due to the low taxation rates charged on imports in Qatar, the prices per unit product of commodities is significantly lower than in other parts of the world. As a lifestyle destination, Qatar attracts people with high spending capabilities and the circumstances by which most of them find themselves there do not allow them to move around much. For expatriates and tourists, the best and convenient shopping experience is e-commerce. Nothing can replace the hands-on experience of walking around a physical store, but the force with which e-commerce is taking over cannot be ignored.

While the preferred mode of payment for most people in Qatar is cash, the use of plastic money is gradually gaining popularity. Many online stores now offer their clients the option of paying in either cash on delivery or by card before the goods or services are made available.

With the rise in online business in the region, there is no way around using virtual payment services. The success of a payment gateway in the current Qatar economy is pegged on the amount of capital a business has for floating around and the volume of sales in relation to the accrued profits. Economists have projected that e-commerce in Qatar will increase by 25% in 2017-2018. This is how;

  1. With the penetration of smartphones and tablets across the region, 70% in Qatar compared to the region’s 40%, reaching the target market is going to be a lot faster for online businesses that will take advantage of digital marketing. The speed with which goods and services are advertised is expected to drive up e-commerce.
  2. Qatar is home to many app development companies and some of the apps created are supposed to monitor the performance of online stores. If there is an increase in SAP specialists, then it will be easier for businesses with online operations to assess their performance and consequently their relevance.
  3. Downloading applications and shopping platforms is a bit technical and people would rather use sites with cloud-based implementation. These allow shopping from any device that is the internet enabled provided there is internet connectivity. This is the technology of the future and one that increases the customer confidence in a company.

Currently, only an average of 14% of Qatar’s population buys online on a regular basis. This low number is partly due to trust and partly because of unfriendly system. The first initiative at rectifying this must come from the traders and only when their goodwill has been seen can the buyer's tag along. 2017 will see a 25% increase if these efforts are made.