Eight Tips for using Drones at Events

Drones which are also commonly known as unmanned quadcopters provide a unique angle to capture videos and photos at conferences, meetings, weddings and even trade-shows among many other events. Apart from just being the drone just flying in the air, this kind of process also leads to advertising and marketing of the product which is direct marketing. We being one of the top companies for marketing in Qatar would like to throw some light via tips on the use of drones are various events across the globe. After speaking to various drone photography professionals, we have curated a list of top 8 tips for using drones at events.

1. You will have to confirm whether the venue management will allow a drone to be flown in the air. We believe that it is still a gray area with most of them. For example, at a convention center some say you cannot use a drone but they usually refer to the common areas.

2. As a drone photographer, you will have to verify that the vendor flying the drone has valid and appropriate insurance.

3. References and examples of prior drone footage should be requested in advance from the vendor.

4. You will have to comprehend that any machine is dangerous and that drones can also be disruptive. Drones are usually noisy and produce quite a lot of downward wind gust. When the drone is flown over a trade show floor or at a festival there might be no issues, but in a keynote session, it could be a distraction to many present in the premises.

5. In advance, you will have to find out if the person operating the drone will be in a fixed position or moving about as per the drone movements.

6. In the areas decided where the drone will fly, you will have to try to limit interference from decor items and signs. You will have to make sure the drone operator is totally aware of any aerials in the premises.

7. Expectations and limitations with the pilot will have to be communicated well in advance.

8. All quadcopters have a battery life that is limited which is generally not more than 30 minutes. Those drones with GPS can be commanded to return automatically to the home base when the battery reaches a certain level.

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