First Meeting : Qatar Sustainability Week

Four and One - R&D held today it's first meeting to discuss  the development of Qatar Carpooling system, the project intended to support Qatar Sustainability Week. Several subjects were raised concerning  research and analysis, development milestones, sustainability impact and measurements, review and implementation. Four and One team has set  the timeline and budget to launch the project. We are expecting the project to be finalized in Q2 of 2017.

Carpooling is intended for car users working in the same area, encouraging them to commute by sharing one car and its trip costs. The concept has short and long term environment friendly consequences such as:

  • Reduction of CO² emissions on roads
  • Reduction of traffic jams
  • Reduction of  noise disturbances
  • Reduction of expenses by sharing costs
  • Reduction of drivers stress and frustration on  roads
  • Improve community communications and build links between users

The site and the application will have a monitoring metering system, highlighting the impact the app is having among users and the quantity of CO2 emissions it has participated reducing, every time it is used. Moreover, Carpooling success can support in negotiating special services for its members  like priority parking, complimentary parking and others. We are looking forward to this new and exciting project that will impact positively both the environment and the communities in Qatar.