Five Digital Trends to Watch out for in 2016


Video is the new way of the online world and is considered as the future. Video based are not totally new but they will dominate in online market more than 2015. Facebook, Bing and even LinkedIn have started offering video options to advertisers followed by Instagram being a part of Facebook. Google is strongly supporting video content in its search engine algorithm from November 2015 onwards which means that there is a lot of scope in this arena and can be considered as a significant step for online video ads across various networks like YouTube and Vimeo among many others.


The whole world of apps is growing day-by-day which means that there is a lot of scope for learning as well as investing. Big companies like Google, Netflix, Microsoft, Facebook and WhatsApp are constantly working on various ways for app indexing in order to increase search and stability of the app across many regions which is also a sort of internal marketing all together. We are one of the top Mobile App Development Companies in Doha Qatar since 2010 developing Android Apps, Windows Apps, iPhone and iPad Apps as well as Blackberry Apps.


There are numerous companies working and investing huge amounts into the development of virtual reality which will be dominating the whole online world by end of 2016 and having a bright future in 2017. Internet of Things is going to be a huge concept that will be implemented step-by-step in order to see a smooth shift from current technical to future technical. We are looking forward to seeing the Oculus Rift and various other virtual reality concepts live and in the consumer market very soon.


Wearable technology is considered as the future because we went from huge computers to desktops and from desktops to laptops which was followed by various kinds of mobile devices. Having all the technology on the wrist or on the forehead is something really advanced and innovative. Wearable technology like the Google Glass and Apple Watch have dominated the market since 2013 making them standalone products with iterations that show a sign of development and future.


Advertising on the other hand falls a little but out of place as we are speaking all about technology but for the entire economy and market to sustain we need the backone of sales and advertising. Companies are investing huge amounts into advertising as it is really beneficial taking into consideration the amount of competition and the desire to stand out among the rest of the world. Brands like Nike, Coca Cola are self driven and need not invest huge amounts compared to companies like Snapchat, Four and One, Line or Instagram whereas public figures, artists, sportsmen have a good niche to invest and stand out keeping a good advertising budget to spend over a period of six months.