How to go from Zero to Hero in No Time through Personal Branding

  How to go from Zero to Hero in No Time through Personal Branding - Rev

Social media has given a whole new definition to branding. These days, some people have become brands just as powerful as those of big corporations. Some of the top personality brands have become famous for being famous, for example, Kim Kardashian. Whatever reason these people have become famous for, they are compelling brands. Personal branding experts say these personalities can have a big impact on business brands or influence industry trends. How is personal branding done?


People get interested in other people they think are different from them. What is it that sets you apart from the rest? It could be physical attraction, academic knowledge, business smarts, being good in tech and so on. Your target audience must associate you with something when they think about your name, for example, LeBron James and basketball.

Brand Values

Once more, anyone developing a personal brand cam learns from top names and their branding and identity in Qatar. Everyone knows that Apple products are unique and beautiful, Mercedes Benz is a solid car and Rolex is a symbol of opulence and class. What can your audience expect from you? It could be sound financial advice, outrageous social advice, or strong messages on environmental conservation. These are the values that your brand stands for.

Brand Promise

Personal branding involves creating anticipation in the audience. This includes constant engagement so that your audience is always looking forward to the next episode of whatever you give them. A good example is top YouTube personalities like Alex Becker, who churn out a video every month and so create a promise of informative videos.


Different people have different styles. Developing a personal brand involves creating your own style. If you are a food expert, for example, your demo sessions could be bright and humorous skipping on the details of different ingredients, or they could be slow, explaining why each ingredient has to be on the menu. Again, the delivery style must match the audience.

Working on the Touchpoints

As a personal brand, the audience expects authoritative information from you. This includes exploring questions that raise debate in your audience, and provoking your audience into these engagements. It could be as simple as a Facebook poll rating products, or a comprehensive review of prices, ingredients, packaging and other touchpoints that your audience is interested in.

Brand Strategy

Developing a personal brand involves strategizing on how to interact with business agencies in Qatar, and personalities that can raise or maintain your profile. This involves knowing what brands and people to endorse and those that do not add value to your brand.