Here’s how incubated smart online solutions will help the future of Qatar

Here’s how incubated smart online solutions will help the future of QatarLike many countries in the world, Qatar is on the fast road to achieving the 2030 development goals. A major part of this Lusail city developments agenda is to come up with solutions that people can access from the internet to serve different needs in the market. There are already great steps that have been made in terms of incorporating online solutions in normal life but as the 2022 world cup fast approaches, more is needed. Here are some of the avenues where online solutions will be needed if Qatar is to keep up with the advancements in the rest of the world;


Facilities management is a big issue in Qatar owing to the fact that all buildings must have a certain standard in terms of appearance. Some people can keep up with the maintenance and management of assets, but if you do not live in Qatar or have a couple of properties to your name, online solutions can make life bearable. Wholesome solutions could include or take care of booking, scheduled maintenance and general cleaning exercises.


The more people there are at a location, the higher the level of security needed for the existing and future lot of security problems. As the 2022 World Cup approaches, there is need to prepare Qatar for a large number of people that will converge from all across the globe. Online security systems will be needed in digital recording of the number of people at a certain audience. Car park reservation, visitor management systems


Online solutions needed as far as health is concerned would be aimed at saving lives and time. For visitors especially, knowing where to find health care when they need it is crucial because they may not have stayed long enough to know. Apart from proximity to emergency centers, there is need for online tools that reach out to specific health care professionals.

With so much to be done, there is a great deal of innovation and development that needs to be unraveled. The best guarantee that this will be done or at least some steps towards that direction will be made is the setting up of incubation centers. The above sectors are just but a few of the many that will be impacted if people are given a chance to find solutions to problems that they face. The internet is gradually gaining global coverage, and online solutions will soon take center stage in running everyday life. Smart online solutions can change the face of Doha!