Media Management in Qatar

Media management worldwide is seen as a business administration discipline that identifies strategic and operational problems in the leadership of millions of media enterprises. This type of management which is slightly different from Event Management, contains the functions of strategic management, organizational management, production management, marketing of media enterprises and procurement management.

We at Four and One would say that media management is simply the ability to motivate and supervise employees and the ability to operate facilities and resources in a cost-effective procedure that will in turn result in huge profits”.

Most of the media enterprises just like us, are strategically organized economic entities whose central task is generating and marketing of media across different regions. The marketing is the direct or indirect distribution of media. Basically, the term media in this connection is restricted to one-to-many-communication with one sender and a huge number of consumers. To be more precise, the focus is on newspapers internet, games, magazines, books, music, television and films.

In order to comprehend management in various media enterprises it is highly crucial to build a larger picture of the entire marketplace. Over the years, we at Four and One have been offering Advertising services in Qatar, Marketing services in Doha Qatar and e-commerce solutions.