One of the best companies for Android Mobile App Development in Doha Qatar is Four and One. If you are searching through the whole online market for the best to develop Android Apps in Doha, then it is a known fact you are on the right website. The most popular mobile operating system globally is known and used by millions. Since the inception of Android by Andy Rubin, the whole operating system has developed phenomenally moving from mobiles to tablets and now from tablets to watches. In 2016, we will be seeing a lot of development in the virtual reality front as well as uHD televisions so join us with you app idea that can not only change the face of your company but the entire world.

At Four and One, all our Android app developers are well informed about the development goals and designs required by Google so that users can enjoy the true experience of an Android app. Knowing that Android has variety of features which include proximity sensors and accelerometers among many others others, Four and One designs apps to make them sustain all these advanced aspects.

Categories of an Android App

  • eBook
  • Music
  • Video
  • Music and Video
  • Social Networking
  • Productivity
  • Utilities
  • Fashion
  • Gaming
  • Commercial
  • Language

Benefits of an Android App with Four and One ?

  • High-end User Interface
  • Extremely User Friendly
  • Coding and programming that is done is following strict guidelines
  • Multi-platform hybrid apps are created by us

Did you know the types of apps we love to develop ?

  • Social
  • mCommerce
  • eCommerce
  • Music
  • Geo-Location
  • Directories
  • Entertainment
  • Commercial

Android Game Development in Apps

Four and One is known for the amazing gaming development and testing team. Our team has both 2D and 3D developers working over coffee and code day long. Our team works on making apps that not only last int he current market but also will be able to upgraded with ease considering the technical's such as low-end or high-end hardware that will be needed by various smartphones and tablets.