Branding and Identity

Brand Management

Brand management is regarded to as the creation, advertisement and whole development of the brand. Basically, it is managing the way a brand is thought of by the customers. The entire process of brand management involves the perceivable aspects such as design, packing, price, association and image creation.

Four and One, through the decade of experience in brand management in Doha has taken the time to comprehend the process. Our team, along with providing brand management across Qatar, highly engages in event management in Doha and advertising services in Doha Qatar. Taking into consideration the comprehensive list of services we offer, we aim at providing your brand the perfect position in the market and in the minds of all customers.

Creative Services

The central thing to any marketing company are Creative Services. Everyone in the market is looking for something ‘unique' today. It is the creativity associated with the way a product is sold across the globe. Our team at Four and One strives to make your events unique for the crowd. We are a complete business agency specializing in advertising and event management in Doha, and also provide creative services in Doha Qatar.

Currently, we are looking to increase our work-force hence we are offering various jobs in Doha Qatar. We require sales executives in Doha Qatar who are willing to share our drive and passion. Contact us for further details.


In simple, promotion means increasing the visibility of your brand across markets. We have been promoting different brands for over seven years which makes us one of the premier branding and identity companies in the Middle East. Promotions can be done by organizing an event physically or by broadcasting promotional material online or through radio/television. Four and One is handling promotions in Doha for over 10 clients. We are a full-fledged business agency in Doha highly committed to designing exclusive PR campaigns in order to boost your sales.