Media Investment Management

Media Planning and Buying : 

We are one of the best Media Investment Management Companies in Doha Qatar also operating widely in the Middle East. Marketing over cross-media is one of the most powerful and highly effective tools in the arsenal of any company that is successful. The integration of the web into this type of marketing is now regarded as an unbeatable combination. When you need to ensure your brand propositions and messages reach your audiences we ensure it happens time based and in the proper manner. As a media buying agency, Four and One softwares help clients get the best spaces for advertisements at the best rates making use of the best spaces available.

Campaign Planning:

To create online marketing campaigns that achieve success and sustain themselves, our softwares and web applications identify your target audience in return developing campaign objectives and hardcore plans of execution. Our planning tools also provide transparent information to help your media planning strategies along with media buying.

Online Media Planning/Online Media Buying:

Apart from only just focusing on media planning and media buying we work closely from the inception up to entire execution. In order to assist you further, we provide you complete insights on the entire web presence which widely ranges from display advertising, social media marketing, search query marketing, advanced mobile targeting, programmatic buying and video views that would serve a huge amount of traffic as well as sales upon the given time.

Creative Management:

As a leading online creative agency and media planning buying agency in Doha Qatar, our softwares take pride in providing messages which are targeted across any any digital medium such as DHTML, Flash, HTML, JavaScript for any advertisements ranging from banner ads up to responsive ads. We always ensure that your service gets the creative representation which is totally creative thus maximizing each impression on the advertisement.

Sponsorship Management : 

Event revenue and meetings usually rely on funds from exhibit sales and sponsorship's. We have mastered Sponsorship Management in Doha Qatar over six years which makes us one of the most premier Sponsorship Management Companies in Doha Qatar.