Social Media Marketing Vs Search Engine Optimization

Most people looking to market online are torn between social media marketing (SMM) and search engine optimization (SEO). The question of which one will deliver better returns is pretty much top of the list followed by the question of which is easier to implement.  What tactic wins in the smm vs seo Doha Qatar online battle?

Search Engine Optimization

SEO is all about improving a website’s ranking on a search engine results page (SERP), ensuring that anyone doing a search relevant to the website sees it first. The goal is to pull more traffic through search engines.

Social Media Marketing

SMM is all about promoting a business or website on social networks. The objective is to raise the visibility of a business or website on social networks. It is a tactic to raise the interest of social media users to come to the website where sales can be converted.

Points for SEO


Most people looking for a product or service will head to the search engines to do it. A study by showed that 61% of people looking to do an online purchase will first go to the search engines to look it up;  availability, prices, alternatives and so on.

This means with targeted keywords, it is easy to pull relevant customers looking for your services and products fast.

Anticipate Customer Needs

It is easy to determine what people are looking for in your line of business. With keyword research search engine engineers in Doha can come up with the top keywords that searchers are inputting into search engines and promote them for better visibility.

Buy Visibility

A website can on the first page of a search engine by buying advertising space. This is a massive advantage considering the millions of searches that are done on major search engines like Google and Bing. Buying ad space is an expensive affair for an extended campaign but a business is sure of better visibility and more traffic.

Points for SMM


Social media visibility is improved with social mentions by followers. The more mentions a business has via more followers, the better it builds credibility. With better credibility, it is easy to convince social media peers to buy a product or service.

Better Reputation Management

Social media marketing in Doha is better for managing reputation in real time. One can follow comments and respond to them. It is easier to see what is raising more interest and what is not. A SMM campaign is more flexible and can be adjusted for better results.

Better Targeting

By advertising on social media, it is easier to do better targeting by defining the profiles to see the advert. This is better than placing an ad in the wild and wishing for the best.