Social Media Trends that will dominate in 2017 in Qatar

This year was a phenomenal one where there were inclusions, improvements as well as trend setting technologies and concepts that were brought to users across the globe. In terms of the use of all these technologies in the Middle East our Research and Development team has reported that the United Arab Emirates has been aggressive to adopt as many as they could and look forward to adopt more in the first few months of 2017. Narrowing down the results to Qatar, there has not been a tremendous change in new adaptions maybe because of not knowing how to or even could be the complexity of the integrations. Have a look at the drastic changes since 2005 to 2010 and then to 2015 above.

Social media had actually begun back in 2005 and we have moved a long way now moving full steam ahead to approach 2017. A lot is going to change by March 2017 as we are moving to a more sustainable world with alternatives to increase human life, biotechnology and 3D printing to medical level too. We have made a list of our predictions for the social media trends of 2017 below.

As per the social media chart of predictions, there could be a 3% increase in the use of Facebook in Qatar while Instagram will definitely shoot up 3% minimum considering the fact that the hashtags used on Instagram make posts go viral because of the integration to comment hashtags which fetch out results making it more essential to business to reach out to their target audience and to make posts bouncing off and on, online. YouTube by far is going to grow a lot by 13% against being at 69% this year because video and virtual video is the future as we have explained further. WhatsApp Messenger, Twitter and Snapchat being considered as the other used social media networks by Qatari's and expats in Qatar as a whole will grow anywhere between 3% to 5% in 2017. Furthermore there will be parallel advancements that will contribute heavily to social media in 2017.

Augmented Reality/Virtual Reality

We know that you have been reading for years now about AR and VR and nothing spectacular has happened other than the Iron Man movies showing the kind of Beta Camera Shot technology.

Pause for a minute and think about what happened this year where you could barely walk down the street without someone bumping to catch a Pikachu. Pokémon Go by Niantic introduced a lot of people to AR this year which allowed a lot of growth and research as well as mass appeal. Although there is no dedicated killer application yet for AR/VR, there were several VR sets that went on sale in China, Japan, Austria and Germany.

Cementing the fact that it was not a huge success in terms of development, the practical application of this technology has to be tested beyond media and gaming. We expect to see stores in malls as well as single ones to start benefiting from crowd-sourced AR/VR technology because it offers a better experience and will definitely drive in return on investment.

Play by Paying continues on Social

A vital question for all online marketers is, "How to reach an audience in the best way by spending a good amount of money?"

Apart from SEO, there is Social Media Engagement since 2014 where Facebook introduced Advertisements and since then times have changed as big brands encash on the opportunity to make their name synonymous out there online without spending any money on billboards and other offline media whereas the small and medium businesses struggle to reach out there not knowing that mass-budgets have to be assigned in order to compete as well as reach a good audience which is the target. Facebook and other social media networks are on to developing a more smarter way of identifying whether an account is fake and not actually reach out ads to them because it is actually affecting Business Manager's campaigns.

At the end of the day, you have a choice to reach 3.5 billion searches per day conducted on Google, 1.71 billion pon Facebook, 500 million on Instagram, 1 billion on WhatsApp or another 1 billion on YouTube. We agree, it is a huge internet world out there. Looks like the population of Mars in 3030, right ?

Rise of the Chat-BOTS

Artificial intelligence is now reaching a level where it will be useful in daily lives. Siri, Google Assistant and Cortana have got people used to talking to their phone rather than exercising their fingers which is making the whole phone-human interaction experience quicker and easy.

With WhatsApp, Twitter, Facebook and Google Allo all introducing integrated bots is reaching machine learning to a whole new level. Chat-bots will start making sense in 2017 allowing replies to comments and the bots will be able to handle normal conversations with clients. The whole experience will start coming to life for users too very soon. So at last, that's your social media trends for 2017.

We're sure that we can all agree to not dig this up in a year’s time to find out how right or wrong I was as a lot is going to happen in twelve months.