Ten Productive Things Event Professionals Do Every Day

Ten Productive Things Event Professionals Do Every Day

The two things that go hand in hand always is event planning and productivity. Most of the successful event planners are highly productive in whatever they may do. Being one of the top event management companies in Qatar, we have listed below ten habits of event planners that you can steal to kick off your week and make it a huge success in terms of productivity.

We have not met a single event professional who is not effective and organised at getting a job done. Being efficient and productive helps a lot to relief stress and do more during the given amount of time.

Over the years, we have been researching the web for scientifically proven ways to increase and eventually boost productivity. You as a novice should always remember that no matter how different jobs can be, the human brain works in the same way as everyone's does.

What do successful event professionals do every day that boost their productivity upon time?

1. Prepare a To-Do-List the Night before

Extreme Productivity: Boost Your Results, Reduce Your Hours written by Robert Pozen stresses on how by writing down your to do’s the night before you sleep would help to keep them achievable and realistic.

We would also ass that it also helps to keep an individual focused on what is really needed without being carried away by various distractions like messages and e-mails.

2. Never check e-mails when they wake up

The fact about the current generation is digital addiction and successful event planners never check e-mails when they wake up. We also believe that checking for e-mails excessively is an addiction. For example, it gives the similar satisfaction of pulling the handle of a casino slot machine.

A very famous selling book which is written by Julie Morgenstern explains how constantly checking for e-mails in the morning could disturb your ability to be organised throughout the day.

The solution would be to dedicate a particular time during the entire day to check e-mails, messages and configure auto-res-ponders to help you with distraction and addiction.

3. Exercise

Exercise is the solution to so many stress and physical related problem that are seen in the current era. Most of the working class of individuals lack exercise and by exercise we mean physical work-outs. Exercise does not mean you have to get enrolled in a gym but long brisk walks along with stretching could be a huge stress reliever. Most of the successful event professionals across the globe exercise for at least 20 minutes a day which triggers their brain to think and be more productive.

If you want more tips about improving your event planning lifestyle, do stay tuned to our blog.

4. Work in Chunks

Event professionals who are heavily productive know that having only objectives does not help. Mission statements and very smart objectives are great, but you will have to break it down to details so that it becomes easy for execution.

The biggest negativity for productivity are big tasks. These big tasks suck all of your energy which makes you tired and eventually unproductive.

5. Know why they Do What they Do

Another fact is that if you do not know why you are doing something, it is highly likely you will not be productive which in turn means that it is a sign on failure.

Productivity and success is directly linked to strong motivation. Finding motivation totally depends on your work choice. Event Management and Planning is considered to be the 5th most stressing job out there, you will have to automatically live and breath motivation to see changes take place.

6. Get Enough Sleep

An event planners life is packed in with early mornings and late nights. These ups and downs do not stop a successful event planner to make time to get good amount of sleep. Just like exercise, sleep is very important as is considered as the most expensive gift given to us at no cost by our creator. Do not start sleeping as much as you can after reading this.

7. Live by Deadlines

We are always amazed by how some people do not and cannot respect deadlines. On the other hand, we always notice those who create deadlines and respect them. The ones who do, are the ones who end up being successful and triumph at whatever they do in life.

Various studies over the years show that procrastination is killed by imposing deadlines which is very healthy for growth. In a few words we would say that if you have no deadlines, there is no event happening.

8. Never Multitask

All successful event planners break down all tasks in chunks and complete them one at a time which is more productive and results are based on quality.We are not sure who said that multitasking is good for productivity. At the end of the day, it is all about quality and not quantity in most scenarios.

9. Have a Creative Routine

Routines truly define a day and what is planned well in advance. If you work by following routines that means you are a very organised individual who can step into becoming a successful event planner. If you are looking out for a good job and want to be an event planner in Qatar, then feel free to contact us.

10. Know How to Say No

If you are not afraid to say no, then you are either already a successful professional or on the path to be one. Successful event professional know what the concept of opportunity cost really means. We would personally recommend a very famous productivity guru; Darren Hardy who explains in detail how time is the most precious gift for you.

We at Four and One hops that these ten tips will help you being more productive in whatever you may do henceforth. Picking one up and implementing it will not only make a huge difference but will trigger a sense of productivity.