The importance of event licensing in Doha

Doha is an increasingly attractive venue for high powered international events of all kind; sports, business and social. It is undoubtedly the friendliest city for holding events in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region.  Event planning and licensing in Doha is a straightforward affair for those who intend to hold successful events.  Licensing is one detail that you have to get right when planning your event.

According to the kind of event you are holding, you will need licensing for different items;


The venue will provide a temporary approval before you receive the proper legal licenses from the Tourism Authority and Ministry of Interior.

Temporary structures

All temporary structures are built with semi-professional companies and it is highly recommended to have a professional HSE procedures in place and implemented.

Exhibition Display 

All exhibitions in Qatar must receive the approval of the Tourism Authority and different licenses requires different documentation for example selling a real estate in Qatar require the original plot owner to get the plot signed and certified by the Qatar Embassy in the original country in addition to other papers while a display of TV screens requires minimal papers and documentations.

Live Entertainment All live entertainment must be priory approved by the Ministry of Culture that requires a complete presentation on the entertainment and legal structure of it.

Public Services Disruption

If an event needs a closed road, this has to be licensed so as the Police Department can get information on the disruption to the public and avoid disruptions.


The outdoor advertising is controlled by one company with low creativity and impact with similar impact with the print advertising. We are one of the companies that understand the importance of the print and outdoor media but strongly believe the future is the digital platforms and push notifications.

Entertainment and Alcohol

Alcohol is restricted in Doha and can not be consumed outside hotel venues. Alcohol at venues outside the hotels are strictly forbidden.

Getting licensed fast

To stay on the right side of the law in regards to events licensing, it is better to engage the best event planners in Doha to manage your preparations. Four and One are experienced event managers with ample knowledge of the licensing processes in Doha.

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Best planners

Four and One have managed global events and bring this expertise to handle successful event planning in Doha. Some of the events they handle successfully include;

  • Congresses and conferences

International meetings to discuss different issues can be successfully handled in Doha

  • Launches, trade shows and road shows

Penetrate the greater MENA region by holding a high powered product launch or business show in Doha. You will also create a stronger brand and identity.

  • Festivals and celebrations

Get the most out of the fantastic cultural mix that is the residents of Doha.

Experienced hands

Four and One are high profiled event managers in Doha engaged in delivering award winning communication and marketing strategies. They handle a wide variety of business and social events in Doha. Issues that may delay events like licensing are easily handled by these experienced hands in events management. If you are planning an event in Doha and require success, this is the company to partner with.