Top Three Event Management Tools to use in Qatar

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The following top three event management tools are worth trying today. While some of them are totally free and some can be used by paying a price. We always appreciate comments so let us know what you think about them.

1. EventEspresso

EventExpresso is a 100% complete event management solution for all those of you using WordPress as a content management system on their website.

The basic licence of Event Expresso is available for free and customization can thereafter be purchased at a highly affordable price. The whole user interface is seemingly neat and user-friendly.

2. MeetingApps

Meeting Apps would be  wonderful application to use on the iPhone or iPad on-the-go. This application collects various mobile applications that can be used for strategical event planning.

The Developer Team has surely put a lot of work in organizing them. In terms of user experience and design, we are loving it here at Four and One as MeetingApps makes our work much easier and friendly.

3. EventAlpha

Event registration and management is taken to a whole new level with EventAlpha. In a crowded environment it is very tough to differentiate and we would be interested to know what your experience is with EventAlpha.

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