Top 5 Event Trends in 2015

We here are Four and One feel that 2015 has truly been a spectacular year with big data being the rage, quick gratification became our best friend with the likes of Tinder, Uber and everything between selfies and photos. Now we are thinking about what exciting things in the world of event technology will 2016 bring us?

We have asked some of the top event industry individuals to share with us what our future beholds!

1. As of 2015, there is a huge focus on data for events. Having huge amount of data at our fingertips, many event planners are excited by analyzing, collecting and using all the data to implement drastic changes. In 2016, we think that all will see a much bigger focus on tools which could help event planners in Qatar to use all this data with transparency.

2. There is a rapid growing need for integrated ticketing/management/website platforms for little as well as huge events.  For larger events, the focus for event technology will be on iBeacons and various others. iBeacons is illegal and needs to be changed this year because of various reasons that we will throw light on in a next blog update.

3. The whole event industry is continuing to see unexpected changes, so we think a major trend for a lot of event organizers in 2016 will be the search for simplicity in this highly advanced and complex world. Having so many marketing tools, channels and demands on their time, organizers will proudly choose to work with the suppliers and brands that would make their lives easier with the use of various kinds of technologies. Just like how Facebook has developed a image biometric system where Facebook recognizes the person in the photo and suggests upto three closest names to choose from which is neat and this would be wonderful for the business line in terms of events, conferences among many others.

4. The two key words for 2016 are Simplicity and Personal. Event attendees and planners have too many places to look for information, data and connections. We also think that event attendees are searching for ways to make better more meaningful and reliable connections at events and conferences.

5. As 2016 begins, we will all see the growing need for the ability to streamline the analytics we are receiving. It is all going to be different from the year 2013, 2014 and the current 2015 which has seen a lot of development now and then.

Are you super pumped for the new year of 2016?