Top 5 Marketing Trends Your Business Needs in 2016

Did you ever think about why people spring clean?

Well let us tell you that here is something incredible about thoroughly cleaning homes to welcome in the the warmer seasons. However, spring cleaning is not about discarding reminders of the brutal winter by evacuating the salt from the carpet, storing winter apparel and decorating but it is about clearing out excess unwanted clutter to highlight the things that are needed and meaningful.

We at Four and One, being data-driven digital marketers do a special kind of spring clean. What we do is look through all the nooks of marketing strategies which are trending sort through the piles of information about digital marketing.

What’s needed and important is to drive sales through various Online Marketing Tools.

The final goal of each and every marketing strategy should be to constantly increase sales and business. Digital marketing in Qatar is inclined with growing business through marketing methods online as most of the customers are plugged online with various apps and websites. Hence, when analyzing what trends businesses should incorporate, we deliberately did not pay attention to the seemingly popular and cool trends. In fact, we focused on the most ROI generating tactics which can be implemented by businesses of any marketing budget provided it is reasonable.

We at Four and One Research, curated these top 5 tactics to be the most important for a businesses success in 2016. If you would like to know the top 5 marketing trends in 2015, you could read it by using the link as well as top 5 event trends in 2015.

1. Not just Mobile-Friendly, but Mobile-First

At the beginning of this year, various articles were published online which claimed that websites will not only have to be mobile-friendly to a user but also mobile-first. This prediction has proven to be true as internet usage via mobile has officially surpassed desktop usage this October 2015. By seeing this change, this not only means that businesses should be working about how their content and website appears on mobile devices before they think about the old fashioned desktop user experience. Mobile marketing strategies are going to a to a whole new level in 2016. We are looking at a global change in the way people look at colors, designs, Internet of Things and much more in the basket.

People use their mobiles for from accessing emails, watching movies, playing games, sharing and connecting, social networking to an advanced level with various platform and reading a lot. People searching for services and goods on mobile are often at a advanced stage in the buying cycle because of various marketing benefits for the company as well as the consumer. In today's market where mobile users are targeted, there is going to be a new level of change in 2016.

2. Search is about Local Search

The rise of mobile devices and platforms not only affects content and website design but has big effects for a business’s visibility on various search engines. Information that is geographically and locally optimized is favored by all search engines.

Producing relevant content up to the mark is going to be a big challenge in 2016 taking into consideration the public relations stints by various agencies. Marketing content online is just one side of the coin while the other is hard wiring the entire website to rank up in search results which is all a game of time.

3. Video Marketing: Moving picture is worth 1000 leads

Various studies in 2012 - 2015 have showed that 64% of consumers would be more likely to invest in something after watching an informative short video about it.  The high engagement with videos is already opening a big market since November 2015 taking into consideration YouTube going to stock up a lot of servers to store all the kilobytes and gigabytes of data.

We at Four and One, highly feel that businesses that including video marketing in their marketing strategy have a bright future in 2016 because imagery is going to be old school as Facebook is already switching over to AR from Instagram.

4. Email Marketing is more about Quality than Quantity

With QAR40 made for every QAR1 spent, email marketing remains the most ROI generating content marketing form even till today. We at Four and One, Doha Qatar know that email marketing in 2016 is going to change with a different approach to the whole system.Email systems and integrations are going to be more forward and transparent letting the user know exactly what is targeted which will create a direct impact as a whole. Looking at the way IoT is developing in Qatar, we are sure that 2016 has a lot to explore and not store in terms of email marketing.

5. Specialized Social Media Engagement

Social Media in Qatar is going to reach another level seeing the use of Snapchat, Fyuse and Vine among many others. If you have a look at the social media trends in Qatar since 2005 - 2015 you will notice that users have taken to Instagram as the primary platform after WhatsApp Messenger being a communication platform. Users in Qatar are fond of images more than content which is floating around on Facebook and various search engines. The whole ecosystem of applications is going to double in mid-2016 because of various marketing and advertising models that we are planning to work on.

We at Four and One, work with businesses that look upon making a mark rather than the simple limelight. When it comes to promotion and revenue, we work on unique business models that we increase sales, brand value and revenue.