Top 5 Marketing Trends in 2015

We cannot honestly remember a year where more changed in terms of marketing in Qatar and advertising than the one we’re about to leave which is 2015. The pace in change of technology has been crazy and competitive so much so that companies are innovating to be better one another. There are quite a few techniques that worked fine in 2014 and even this year. For the new year 2016, we are looking at different things and before we move on to that plate we plan to summarize the top 5 marketing trends in 2015.

Here’s what we have seen this year in 2015 and this is sort of all the  space-age-like technology means for brands.

Always-On Advertising

As the Internet of Things (IoT) is growing day by day, so are the opportunities for inference advertising. If you think about it, everything from your television to your mobile device to your thermostat to your smoke detector is connected. That is a lot of opportunities for data collection and use. Internet of Things is still growing in different parts of the globe compared to Qatar. There are numerous companies in the Middle East working on developing new technologies for Internet of Things so there is a future in this industry.

Rise of Wearables

You many call it the Apple Effect as once the quality product giant designs and develops a technology, it is a 90% guarantee that consumers and developers across the globe will be happy with it too.This has happened with smartphones, tablets and this year happened with smart-watches. In 2016, it will be a total wearable type of technology that will be embraced. Most of the mobile users today love Apple products because of the simplicity and detail to the entire design. Nevertheless, Android being a valid competitor is also having a good future in the mobile industry up till now. Let us see what is in store for you in terms of wearable's in 2016.

Mobile Web Browsing

Even as new mobile platforms such as Android, iOS, Windows, Symbian emerge into the technology m market there are always traditional mobile offerings such as smartphones, tablets , phablets and small laptops. Westerners love to travel light and the whole world is falling into the same category so companies across the globe are working on making things easier and compact. In the process, there are more things to learn as a consumer or user which makes it thrilling as well as cumbersome as our lives are revolving around advanced technology that often makes it difficult to catch up to.

Increased Consumer Skepticism

In the last two-to-three years, web information and content has gone from needed to king. Many people across the globe understand the value of content and how it affects search engine visibility in a good way provided it is good and fresh. We have been curating content readable for our viewers for quite a long time and have seen a good growth on the web in terms of visits, page-views and referrals.

The unfortunate fact is that not everyone is an expert creator of content and not all content is expert for the web. There is a lot of junk out there and more created everyday by millions of users. You get that, we get that and all your users get that also because it is 2015 and the next year is probably going to be different with advanced methods of content filtering. People are being more skeptical about where they browse for content everyday which narrows down the web to a great extent.

Smarter Resource Allocation

At this point, you must be probably getting the sense that 2015 had a main marketing trend that was all about more things as in more advertising, more marketing and more event management in Qatar but it did not happen to the extent that was planned by many. What happened was more mobile platforms, more technology breakthroughs, more startups and more crowd-funding. It is hard to believe but true.

No company except Google can be everywhere and do everything at the same time. The best marketers will start 2016 by evaluating their pure resources and needs, thereafter deciding where they can make an impact that not only creates a trend but also opens ways for innovation.