Unbelievable Facts That Every Event Manager Should Know

Unbelievable Facts That Every Event Manager Should Know

The events management industry is one of those where every little new information can give you a competitive edge and very good returns. Although many event managers learn as they go along and perfect their trade, there are basics that must be mastered by anyone looking to succeed in event management in Doha.

Having the latest tips in these areas of event management will see more customers, more successful events and better events management business growth.

Project management Skills

It takes several teams to make a successful event. Project management skills are needed to ensure proper coordination of different teams like the Food and beverage, registration, tech support and so on. This ensures everything is done at the proper and timely.

Communication Skills

Event planners in Qatar need good communication skills to coordinate properly with different stakeholders in an event. This includes establishing who is responsible for what with the client, and coordinating different teams during the event.

Registration Process

Most marketers ignore this step at their own peril. You cannot have a successful event if the registration is botched and people don’t turn up for the event. It is important to understand the registration process of an event, including any equipment that is being used for making items like tags.

This will enable you as the planner to be on top of things when the registration desk gets overwhelmed. Even overlooked information like the position of the water dispensers, is very helpful.

Equipment Use

Different audio-visual equipment goes into making an event run properly. Projectors, screens, and microphones are some of the basic equipment. More complicated equipment would be audio mixers, amplifiers, and Wifi networking equipment. It is important to master how to properly set up the basic stuff so you can sort out issues like an off-sounding microphone quickly.

Backend Processes

What is required to serve 250 people with a dessert? How many service people are required to serve these meals in 30 minutes?

The backend processes ensure that event attendees are comfortable at all times. Get on top of this information so that you can quickly fix any kinks when they occur by knowing who to redeploy wherein the service line and so on. Knowing how different venue management companies operate, for example, can help to quickly establish where to hold different types of events.

Proper Supplies

It is the small stuff that makes a lot of difference. If 50 guests do not have writing material, the event will be delayed as you scramble around looking for notepads. Challenges like these can be avoided by always having a well-stocked supply kit for the nitty gritty stuff needed at the event.